Here the line up of the Team for 2019. We will compete in the international competitions in OK and OKJ categories.

OK Drivers

D. van T’Hoff

  • Name: Dilano van T’Hoff.
    Date of Birth: 26 July, 2004.
    Category: OK.
    Hometown: Dordrecht.
  • Started Racing: at 7 years old.
    Favourite Track: Le Mans.
    Biggest Achievement so far: 1st position in the 2017 European Championship at PFI.
    Interesting Fact: Overtakes lover.


  • Name: Zsombor Kovács.
    Date of Birth: 22 July 2002.
    Category: OK.
    Hometown: Szazhalombatta
    Year Started Racing: 2011
  • Favourite Track: Ampfing.
    Biggest Achievement so far: Rotax Junior MAX Challenge Grand Finals Vice-Champion, 2016.
    Interesting fact: Race fighter.

G. Stadsbader

  • Name: Gilles Stadsbader.
    Date of Birth: 7 Febraury, 2004.
    Category: OK.
    Hometown: : Kortrijk.
  • Year Started Racing: : 2012.
    Favourite Track: Le Mans and Genk.
    Biggest Achievement so far: 19th position in the first Iame International Final.
    Interesting Fact: Fast and regular.


  • Name:Tikhon Kharitonov.
    Date of Birth: 20 March, 2005.
    Category: OK.
    Hometown: :Saint Petersburg.
  • Year Started Racing: : 2014.
    Favourite Track: La Conca.
    Biggest Achievement so far: 2nd Russian Championship, 2018.
    Interesting Fact: Great comeback maker.

OKJ Drivers

A. Lindblad

  • Name: Arvid Lindblad.
    Date of Birth: 8/08/2007.
    Category: OKJ.
    Hometown:Virginia Water.
  • Started Racing: 2012.
    Favourite Track: GYG in Wales.
    Biggest Achievement so far: 2018 British Iame Cadet Champion.
    Interesting Fact: He has a great mix in me nationality wise, he’s Swedish, English and Indian.

J. Weywadt

  • Name: Jonathan Weywadt.
    Date of Birth: 09.09.2007.
    Category: OKJ category
    Hometown: Copenhagen
    Year Started Racing: 2014
  • Favourite Track: La Conca.
    Biggest Achievement so far: 4th place in WSK, 2018.
    Interesting fact:
    – –


  • Name: Xizheng Huang.
    Date of Birth: 13 september 2005.
    Category: OKJ.
    Hometown: China.
    Year Started Racing: 2013.

  • Favourite Track: Lonato.
    Biggest Achievement so far: Asia Champion, 2018. 6th at Lonato DKM Round, 2018.
    Interesting fact: To defend everything.